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Protect yourself from internet fraud with this free service that masks your real IP address

Protect yourself from internet fraud with this free service that masks your real IP address

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Program license: Free

Program by: VPN 翻墙

Version: 3.2

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


Program license

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Program by


VPN 翻墙


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Free VPN is a free virtual private network that ensures your privacy when you're browsing websites. While the free nature of this program does limit some of the features compared to premium software, you still get the protection and privacy you're looking for. There are also several different servers to choose from with this VPN.

Numerous Servers

A VPN works by bouncing your signal off other servers and encrypting the signal. This makes it harder for hackers and other entities to spy on you. The server bouncing hides your original location. This allows you to access international information and prevents entities from discovering your true location. The encryption makes it difficult for hackers to figure out what you're doing. This means that they won't be able to spy on your bank details, social media activity or purchase history. Whether you're using a public connection or one from your home, Free VPN will keep you safe.

VPNs work best when there are multiple servers to choose from. This allows you to access websites from different countries and allows you to adjust loading speeds. Sometimes one server will be faster than another and you want as many options as possible. Free VPN currently has 25 different servers located throughout 14 countries. You can manually select the server you want or have it automatically switch if a faster server becomes available.

Connection Speeds

Some VPNs slow down your connection and this makes sense when you understand why. Your signal is bouncing off one or more servers to protect your information. This is good for privacy, but it means that it takes longer for your requests to go through properly. While some VPNs will be noticeably slower, others provide speeds that are similar to your regular connection.

Despite being free, you'll find that Free VPN has very strong connection speeds and it rarely slows down. Most websites will load as quickly as they do without the VPN. This also applies to streaming sites and other websites with larger files.

Straightforward Interface

Some VPNs have many options and complex interfaces. This is good if you want to really customize your VPN experience, but many users simply want browsing protection without all the bells and whistles. If the latter describes you, then you'll love Free VPN's straightforward interface. You can get the VPN running in just a few buttons clicks.

The initial setup is simple. Just install Free VPN like any other program and enter your login credentials. Once that's finished you simply have to select one of the 25 servers. There will be some information about what country to server is located in and its current speed, but it won't overload you with information. Select the one that you'd like to use and that's it. You're now connected to the VPN.

Truly Free

Many free programs are only conditionally free. They might be loaded with advertisements or they prevent you from using certain features unless you pay for the premium version. You'll find the Free VPN is a truly free service. You can connect to every server without paying a penny. They also make it simple to use the service.

While this VPN does lack some features when compared to premium VPNs, it's nice to have a service that isn't constantly begging you for money.

Few Blocked Services

You'll sometimes find certain websites or services are blocked when you're using a VPN. This makes sense because these anonymous connections are also used by hackers and websites want to protect themselves. While some services will be blocked here and there, you shouldn't notice too many websites preventing you from using them. You can often change servers to avoid this issue.


  • A truly free VPN experience where you aren't constantly asked to upgrade
  • Fast connection speeds that are nearly the same as your original connection
  • Straightforward interface that anyone can use


  • Relatively low number of servers to choose from

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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